Joel Fuhrman Diet – Eat To Live The Nutritarian Way

joel-fuhrman-dietJoel Fuhrman Diet – Eat To Live

Joel Fuhrman Diet is more commonly known as the Eat to Live Diet. This diet was designed specifically by the celebrated health and wellness physician Joel Fuhrman. It was originally made for people whose lives are threatened by their unhealthy weight. This threat required drastic action with only one solution: lose weight fast! The Joel Fuhrman diet however works for everyone, not only those who are morbidly overweight.

Who is Joel Fuhrman?

Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a board-certified family physician, NY Times best-selling author and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. He is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including the Dr. Oz show, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Live with Kelly.

Joel Fuhrman Diet Weight Loss

This weight loss strategy of the Joel Fuhrman diet offers the user an opportunity to possibly lose anything close to twenty pounds of weight reduction during the space of 1 ½ months. We will now show the major arguments that support the strategies of the Joel Fuhrman diet:

The simple formula to follow in the Joel Fuhrman Diet is Health equals Nutrients over Calories. The aim of this diet is achieving the best health possible (optimal health) by maximizing the amount of nutrients for each single calorie ingested. It therefore prevents persons losing weight by avoiding empty calories. These are unhealthy calories which are infamous for helping individuals grow the extra burdensome weight.

Losing weight will then be a natural result of following this Joel Fuhrman Diet plan. The book does not recommend counting calories or even restricting food proportions into preset amounts. However, persons who utilize this method of shedding weight, can almost be assured of weight loss. The reason? It is extremely difficult for anyone to consume excessive quantities of calories whilst vegetables and other nutriient rich foodstuffs are the main ingredients of our daily meals.

Amazon ImageThe Eat To Live Diet, also called the eat live diet is a diet free of animal meat. That means it is really a vegetarian diet. It encourages eating 1 lb of steamed vegetables and 1lb of raw vegetables each day. This leaves no room for meat derived from animals in your daily meals. On the other hand, if by any chance (and there is a big chance) you should feel the urge to eat meat while on the diet, fish is encouraged instead of other forms of animal protein. Do not start celebrating, the diet limits this fish consumption to only one serving per week. The Joel Fuhrman diet also restricts the egg eating to one time  each week. Oil use is cut to only one teaspoon for the 24 hour period.

Losing twenty pounds in the span of 6 wks might really appear to be a tall order for many types of weight-loss products on the market. Trust me, it is a totally different ball game after removing lean animal meat and fats from your plate and instead add nutritious alternatives such as vegetables and fruits.

Joel Fuhrman Diet – Eat To Live

Joel Fuhrman diet will show you what to do to achieve this phenomenal weight loss. This system is widely recognized by several medical practitioners. They endorse the diet of Joel for obese patients who really need to quickly shed the extra pounds. Dr Fuhrman is credited with coining the word ‘nutritarian,’ referring to persons who eat natural, nutritional foods as the way to a healthy life. Eat to Live the Nutritarian way!

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